This accommodation is affordable, has great amenities and is very secure.  The staff here is very friendly and very much approachable and you can easily feel like you have a family here.


Oxford Court is a very good option for student accommodation. With great facilities such as a laundry room, a study room and a common room, it is a well equipped place to live. The staff is really friendly and happy to help out with any issue. I recommend Oxford Court to anyone looking for affordable and enjoyable student accommodation!


The quality of the rooms and beds is really good and goes above and beyond with the super nice mattress and storage. The room is nice and warm all the time too. The kitchen and common room has all the standard facilities and I've never had a problem with them.


I am very satisfied with Oxford Court,especially its position.It only takes me 5 minutes to go to the classroom and the library and all my friends are jealous for this.And it is only 10 minutes to go to the city center as well,very convenient. Besides,the officers are all very warm-hearted and help me a lot.


Just wanted to say what a fantastic place Oxford Court Leicester Student Accommodation is. The staff are beyond exceptional and very friendly. They do the very best they can for us tenants.

The rooms are really nice as well, with double beds and new furnishings. The bathrooms are lovely, and not all students can say that. The TVs in the kitchen are a nice addition as well.

Living here is also a great way to make friends because of the student village atmosphere.

It is also the perfect location for me as it is 20 minutes walk to the University of Leicester (I think of that as my daily exercise) and right in the heart of the city.

I just can’t say enough good things about the place.